Project Home

I have always been needing a new external hard drive as the storage in my laptop and my 3 or 4-year-old 500 GB external hard drive are running out and I always have to delete some files to make more space. It was until recently that I came across a really good deal: a new 1 TB external hard drive below market price. My friends were telling me that I should buy it immediately before the deal is over but I insisted to do a bit of survey first. I finally decided to purchase it after a several-day-long research.

While I was doing my research on this, I read about the importance of having regular backup and the convenience of having a private home server. I dived deeper into this and came to know that it doesn’t cost much to build a home server, as you can make use of any working computer.

As I work from home sometimes, cloud drives are essential to me. I need not bring any hard drive or laptop to office, all I need to do is to save my work in the cloud. It is however unlikely for me to save my media files (movies, music, photos) in the cloud due to limited free storage (and no, I will not pay for cloud drives, at least for now). Transferring to my external hard drive on a regular basis? Nope, too much effort.

I share a house with a few friends, having a server would also be convenient for we lazy asses to share our movies or series without having to pass our hard drives around. You can enjoy a movie at the cost of several clicks, and even from my iPad too, if I am too lazy to get up from the bed to turn on my laptop.

These are the few reasons I think I need a home server.

How much do I plan to spend on this? Zero, for now. I remember having an unused laptop (a 2009 one if not mistaken) laying around collecting dust at home. I foresee that in the future I may invest in some hardware to upgrade though, probably a proper computer housing unit with extensive internal hard drives.

That is for the tech part. Alongside with this home server thingy, I also plan to properly furnish my current living area.

I was told by some that I probably shouldn’t be doing this because I won’t be staying here permanently but I think 4 years is a long time (considering I continue pursuing my doctorate here). It is understandable that it is not quite economical to fully furnish a place where you only stay temporarily, but I think making home comfortable is crucial. But in order to keep it within the affordable range, purchasing pre-owned furnitures is the way to go.

I currently own a bed, 2 desks, a wooden chair, some shelves and a wardrobe. It may be sufficient but I feel that I need solutions for sitting, storage and probably decoration.

Project Home incurs a somewhat big sum, which is why it will be a long term project. As for now, I would focus on setting up my home server with all the available hardware.


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