Default Path on MATLAB

MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory, it is a powerful programming language for computations, optimisation, plotting functions or data etc.. MATLAB is widely used in the science, mathematics, engineering and economics industries as well as academia and research institutions.

As a postgraduate candidate in the metocean industry, the MATLAB is probably the common tongue (at least amongst my peers and colleagues). Having been working with it for the past 1 year, I am always annoyed by the fact that I could not change the default working directory (Note: I’m using MATLAB R2012b for Windows). I did try to Google this issue every now and then and I was returned with solutions such as creating a startup.m file or using the userpath command every time I start my MATLAB. I find these suggestions are either of too much trouble or doesn’t really solve the problem.

It was with the help of a friend this morning that we finally have this issue solved. It is as simple as changing the directory in the Properties!

First of all, go to the directory where you wish to set it as the default working folder, copy its address.


Then go to your Matlab.exe, Right Click and select “Properties”, under the “Shortcut” tab, replace the directory in “Start in” with your desired directory.


And voila! You can now start your MATLAB in any directory you wish!

Really hope this helped. Till next time, cheers!


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