A Wake Up Storm

It was 3.30 in the morning and the wind suddenly grew so strong. Waking up from sleep, I was worrying that the wind was going to tear the house down. 

Obviously, I was overthinking.

I closed the windows, knowing that it would eventually turn into the storm. True enough, the wind picked up speed and the trickling rain started. It turned into a full downpour in just a moment.

The rattling wind and the ticking rain kept me awake. Overthinking again, I wondered if the house would be too flimsy to survive the storm.

“Probably I can use this event for my new blog,” I thought, not sure why this idea popped up. 

For quite awhile I have been having the thought of starting a journal, be it physical journal or blogging. Used to have a blog but it is now collecting dust at a corner on the Internet (if it still exists).

And suddenly, it hit me. When on earth am I ever gonna do it? I dismissed the thought and went back to sleep.

Not sure if it’s the storm outside the house or the one in my brain, I still couldn’t sleep. And I told myself: this is it, I’m gonna do this!

Here I am, with my half-opened eyes, creating a new blog and writing the first post in the wee hours. 


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